Play Word Roundup Frenzy - Daily Chance to Win $250 online for free at PCHgames.

Word Roundup Frenzy - Daily Chance to Win $250

Word Roundup Frenzy removes the restraints from your typical word search games and lets things fly. In other words, this is a word search free-for-all! In this fast-paced game, there’s no pre-set word bank so you’re free to pick out any word you see. Best of all, there’s a new game every day and a new chance to win the big prize, too. With Word Roundup Frenzy on, the first time you successfully complete the puzzle each day earns you an instant scratch ticket and a chance at $250!

Ready to get back in the saddle and lasso some words? Just register for a free PCHgames account and start diggin’. Thar’s gold in them thar words, or, at least $250 worth!
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